Effective synergies have been created by combining INNOVATION, QUALITY and EXPERTISE

Live Casino

Our platform offers its online users a chance to participate in Live Casino gaming and experience the intensity and exhilaration of competition. The Platform managed to capture the action and gamplay of a glamorous Casino and successfully extended it to the cyberworld.

Online punters can genuinely experience the ambience, glitz and excitement exactly as it happens. A sophisticated framework integrates the online players as they participate in the live action, resulting into a truly unique gaming experience which defies the boundaries between virtual and real.

The platform also guarantees a very high security level, thus providing all participants, reassurance of quality, fair and safe gaming.

Studio Casino

By utilising the Studio Casino platform, and through our collaboration with various operators, clients are able to customise the interface with their own branding and corporate image. This includes customisation of the tables, equipment and backdrops that can be preset according to the location where the game is being offered.

This flexibility also extends to the personnel who feature in the Studio Casino. Besides details such as uniforms and other user market requirements, the level of interaction between the dealer and the customer can be adjusted as required. Another important element is the multi-lingual facilities of the system, as well as the multi-lingual personnel. All these aspects add further value to the gaming experience.


TG.it is proud to offer one of the most extensive portfolio of video slots on the market. Highly sophisticated and painstakingly detailed, the video slots have been developed keeping the avid end user in mind. With vibrant, eye-catching graphics coupled with smooth reel animations, the slots are a guarantee of hours of entertaining gameplay.

We have enriched our Slot games portfolio to provide :

  • HD resolutions games
  • High quality graphics, animations and sounds
  • Provide The highest entertainment value

We have recruited the best slots designers from all over the world (from United States, Asia, Japan) in order to provide popular themes and new game characters. New improvements and functionalities like:

  • Progressive slots
  • Celebration animations
  • Impressive sounds

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